Abstract   Problems associated with a complete denture, such as lack of stability and retention, can be solved with the use of overdentures. Historically, this technique was an attempt on the part of a few innovative dentists to provide their patients with retention and stability beyond that which could be achieved with a regular complete … Read more


ABSTRACT Holistic dentistry also referred to as organic/biological dentistry, alternative dentistry, uncustomary dentistry, or biocompatible dentistry that is termed complementary and alternative medicine for dentistry. Holistic medicine partners between the mind, body and spirit for healing. This article reviews about the significance and impact of alternative and complementary medicine in dentistry. Key words: Holistic, complementary … Read more

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ABSTRACT Dental caries is a worldwide oral disease that effects individuals of all ages. It has only worsened with the introduction of refined and processed food and their ease of availability. Fluoride has been in use since the past 100 years in the control and prevention of dental caries in the form of various agents … Read more


The indirect sinus lift is a procedure to lift the augment/regenerate alveolar bone in atrophied residual maxillary posterior alveolar crest . The posterior maxilla is always considered as difficult site for the placement of implant than the mandible due to the presence of various anatomical land mark such as maxillary sinus. The anatomical structure of … Read more